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Where would you find the germplasm (seeds) to grow the different varieties of barley and brewing grains from across the globe?  That would be at the National Small Grains Collection (NSGC) located in Aberdeen, Idaho, a site selected because every different malt barley variety in cultivation is grown within a 100-mile radius.

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There are currently over 9,000 microbreweries in the United States.  Craft beer is currently a $23.5 billion market and growing at 6% annually in volume, compared to 0% volume growth for the beer industry as a whole.  Microbrewing is clearly a movement that continues to have incredible momentum and it’s one worth taking seriously. [Source:  William Dowling, The Rise of Microbreweries in America, CircleUp.]

How Microbrewing is Changing Malt Demand

Making your malt one-of-a-kind

At Customalting we believe every microbrewer, baker or confectioner should be able to craft using their own signature malt.  From specifying the malting grain, to customizing the sprout and the lightness or darkness of the roast, the choice should be yours.  Everything else you do builds  from that basic starting point. 


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